Husband of One Wife

A very important qualification for elders is that a man must be the husband of one wife. This series has one message followed by a panel discussion. Join Bob Deffinbaugh, Alex Strauch, and Chuck Gianotti as they present this essential subject.

Digging Deeper

Rocking the Roles: Building a Win-Win Marriage” by Robert Lewis and William Hendricks, NavPress, 1991. This practical, down-to-earth guide deals with the role relationships in marriage, between husband and wife. Sensible and biblical, this can be helpful not only to an elder’s marriage relationship but also in counseling other couples.

Sexual temptation for men: A number of good resources are available dealing with the difficult issues of sexual temptation. With the pervasiveness of the internet and the proliferation of pornographic and sexually suggestive materials, and the overall sexual permissiveness of today’s society, there is need for the open and frank discussion of this “secret” sin.