Time Management 2

Series: Time Management
Presenter: Chuck Gianotti

This lecture shows the importance of long- and short-term goals in learning to manage one’s time, and gives pointers for developing a plan of daily disciplines.

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Support Resources

Time Management Goal Setting Form

Discuss It

  1. What in your opinion are the typical hindrances to people setting goals and planning their lives well?
  2. What is the one essential thing that you want to accomplish in your life, but that you have the most difficulty achieving? Alternatively, is one big time waster in your life, that is, a non-essential thing that prevents you from accomplishing the important things?
  3. Do you agree with the illustration of steering a car? That is, just like you can steer a car when it is moving, God is able to guide you once you get started moving toward your goals?

Apply It

  1. Write out what you would like your gravestone to say about your life in one sentence.
  2. Using the supplied short-term goal setting form (see above under "Supporting Resources"), set out your goals for the various aspects of your life for the next year.