Protecting from Satan

The unseen battle is waging, and most Christians are unaware of the conflict.

Because Satan is unseen, many Christians today tend to forget he is there, and we aren’t looking for his opposition–especially because he works undercover. The spiritual struggle is intense, and it’s vitally important that we understand the nature of the opposition and of God’s resources to overcome it so that Satan’s efforts may be thwarted.

Elders must be spiritually attuned to the enemy and able to effectively prepare and protect people for the ongoing struggle against the forces of darkness.

Join Bob Deffinbaugh for this important series on protecting the church from the power and influence of Satan.

You can access the individual outlines for each lesson from the corresponding lesson pages below, or access the combined outlines here:

Lecture Outlines for Protection from Satan Series
Detailed Outlines for Protecting from Satan Series

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