From Satan 4

Series: Protecting From Satan
Presenter: Bob Deffinbaugh

In this five part series, Bob Deffinbaugh presents the importance of the elders in the church protecting the congregation from Satan.

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Remember It

Contemplate these questions, then click on each question to see the answer.
1. List out four of the eight ways Satan attacks spiritual leaders
hinders plans, providing ungodly counsel, causing suffering, hypocrisy, abuse/misuse of authority, fleshly indulgence/immorality, misguided ambition, people pleasing
2. How is plurality of leadership a good defense against Satan’s attacks?
If one falls, the rest can continue on with leading, also accountability helps deal with the problem before it becomes too big.
3. How can you tell the difference between godly zeal versus misguided ambition?
What is the intent? If it is to be better than others, or to be first, then it is not godly zeal. But, if it is focused on God’s glory, then it is good.

Discuss It

  1. How have you felt your plans or ideas in ministry have been hindered?
  2. Why is it so easy to see hypocrisy in other leaders, but not in oneself?
  3. Respond to this statement, “The Christian leader or teacher is constantly calling people to a standard higher than himself, a character that he has not yet attained.”

Apply It

  1. Which of the ways Satan uses against leaders do you wrestle with the most? Commit to praying about it and asking your accountability partner to pray about it with you. Write down 10 verses from Scripture that deal specifically with that area of struggle and meditate on a different one each week. Make it part of your devotional life, or write them on 3x5 cards and carry them with you, to review and meditate on through the day.

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