From the World 2

Series: Protecting From the World
Presenter: Viji Roberts

This is one of a four-part series on the importance of elders protecting the congregation from the influences of the world.

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Remember It

Contemplate these questions, then click on each question to see the answer.
1. What are some of the little things that elders must watch out for when protecting the flock from the world?
Disappointments, upsets, expressions of the flesh, undue attachment to worldly items etc. among the flock that have the potential to cause big trouble.
2. What is the secret of a Christian who is free from the pesky little things of the world?
Bearing the fruit of the Spirit and through full surrender to God.
3. What verse shows the importance of grazing through the entire scripture?
Acts 20:27

Discuss It

  1. Which of the “flies” mentioned in this session have you seen affecting the people of God in the last year in your church? What has the effect been on the spiritual tenor of people’s lives?
  2. How can elders encourage people walk the “Spirit-filled” life?
  3. What steps can be taken to prevent your congregation from “over-grazing” in some portions of Scripture and to encourage feeding in the whole word of God?

Apply It

  1. We cannot expect the congregation to be filled with the Spirit if the elders are themselves not filled. Take time to get real with God confessing and asking for the fruit of the Spirit to be evidenced in your life.

Digging Deeper

See the sections of the curriculum on the topics of “Teaching Curriculum” for an understanding on how to help your congregation to feed on the whole word of God.