Preacher’s Seminar

Presenter: Bob Deffinbaugh

This message outlines a practical way to help the preacher in his preparation for teaching the Word of God, involving weekly meeting of trusted individuals who review with the preacher the upcoming message before he gives it.

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Remember It

Contemplate these questions, then click on each question to see the answer.
1. What is the main purpose of the Preaching Seminar?
To provide an opportunity for the preacher to receive input on his upcoming (or past) sermon from other men who are scholars of the Word.
2. What is the biblical basis that the speaker gives for the Preaching Seminar?
Elder responsibility for teaching content; the importance of plurality in leadership; the principle of interactivity (1 Cor. 14); the speaker’s view of spiritual gifts – those of have the gifts should utilize them to help the church grow in that particular area.

Discuss It

  1. What benefits do you see for your church in doing something like the speaker recommends?
  2. What do you see as the challenges in implementing a "Speaker's Seminar" in your church? What obstacles do you foresee that might prevent it from happening?
  3. What are some key personal character qualities needed for something like a Speaker's Seminar to be effective? For the speaker? For those giving the feedback?

Apply It

  1. The speaker recommends the Preaching Seminar as something that would be beneficial for any church to implement. Would you consider implementing something similar in your church? Why or why not?