Implementing Eldership

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Welcome to the section of the website where we guide you in developing a plan for transitioning your church to biblical eldership form of church government and shepherding.

In this section we provide you with guidance and insight for transitioning your church to biblical eldership. We will help you identify the specific steps that fit your particular church situation, how to prepare the leadership and congregation and also how to train prospective new elders. You will find worksheets and recommended references to other helpful resources.

In compiling this material, we have drawn on a wide variety of experiences to help you develop the best possible implementation plan for your church.

While we provide much on this website to serve you, the real work is yours. Transitioning a church to biblical eldership is hard work, and you need to count the cost.

“For which one of you, when he wants to build a tower, does not first sit down and calculate the cost to see if he has enough to complete it?” (Luke 14:28 NASB)

Implementing biblical eldership (BE) will take considerable energy over many months, even years. There will be seemingly endless meetings, discussions, teaching, and explaining—and it will probably take longer than you anticipate. There will be personal sacrifices. For the pastor it will mean relinquishing some authority, but it will also mean a lightening of his burden so he can focus more in the areas of his gifting. For leaders, it will mean sharing more significantly in the spiritual guidance of the church, but it will also mean helping shoulder the pastoral burden. Some people may choose to leave the church because of the change, while others will be greatly encouraged by the fresh, biblical approach to leadership. However, all the sacrifices will be worth it all in the end, when the church is led by a well-functioning group of godly elders.

Initial Pointers

The sub-menu items on this page are intended to be read sequentially. Begin with “Read This First,” where we explain how the material is organized and how you can maximize your use of it. Early on we will address some key questions about your church’s present situation so you can identify which scenario best fits your church. You will also choose between two main approaches for developing your implementation plan. Based on your answers, we will guide you through the material as you follow the appropriate links. This is not a cookie-cutter approach to biblical eldership; we are simply guiding you as you make your own plan.

So, go ahead and click on “Read This First” in the sub-menu to get started. If you have any problems or get stuck on anything, don’t hesitate to use our “contact us” link, found throughout the website. We pray the Lord Jesus himself will guide you through this process as you seek to glorify him.

You can listen to an audio interview for a testimony of one church’s transition to biblical eldership.