Formulate Your Plan

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Paul Mentor: Well, Tim, which approach best fits your situation?

Tim: Well, I think the function first, form second approach feels like a better fit. Is that what you would recommend?

Paul: You are the best judge of that, my friend. Both will work. Keep in mind, at times you may want to adjust these guidelines to better fit your situation--that is always your prerogative. We are here to simply help and advise.

Tim: Thanks, Paul. No sense in trying to reinvent what someone else has already put together.

Paul: Most of what we write below will apply to both approaches. At times, you will see information that is unique to your approach that is unique to the other approach. Just ignore the steps that don’t apply.

Tim: I bet that saves you a lot of work duplicating the steps for each approach.

Paul: You’ve got that right. It also makes it easier for us to keep this site up-to-date with new information and insights as they become available.

Tim: I think we are set to move forward.


Now you are ready to begin the process and develop the plan. What you do first depends on which approach you are taking. Follow the one that applies to your situation.

Forming a Shepherding Team: This is approach #1 (Function First, Then Form), where you first begin with training men for shepherding the people of God. You will eventually form a transition team to guide your church into bringing the structure of leadership in line with the beneficial experience of biblical shepherding by a plurality of godly men. Click here and we will guide you in forming a shepherding team.

Forming a Transition Team: This is approach #2 (Form First, Then Function). Here you will jump right into transition mode and will later implement the shepherding function, after the transition to elders’ form of government. Click here and we will guide you in forming a transition team.