Preparing for Post-Pandemic Church Meetings

How can we prepare to safely return to in-person church meetings (both large and small groups) while continuing to prevent the spread of the virus amid relaxed restrictions?

Above all, elders and church leaders need to think this matter through carefully, make clear decisions, and communicate concisely and repeatedly the guidelines and directions needed for your churches to function safely and lovingly for all who attend.

We have collected some resources for you to use and adapt to your situation:

  • Before We Gather – A collection of recommendations from Brotherhood Mutual, including ideas for practicing social distancing
  • Elder letter planning post-pandemic – A sample letter to the congregation in MS Word format
  • When we come together (again) – Strategy and practical tips to bear in mind when gathering once the social distancing allows us to meet physically as a church (MS Word format)
  • Healthcare protocol – A letter to the elders from one who wrote the health care protocol for a local hospital (MS Word format)
  • When Your Church Reopens – A phased plan for congregations to resume gathering, suggested by a global health expert