“Biblical Eldership” by Alexander Strauch

“Best exegetical overview of eldership around today.” – Kevin DeYoung Senior Pastor, University Reformed Church, East Lansing, MI

“Mr. Strauch has made a fine contribution to the subject of eldership. I am confident that it will be helpful to many.” – John MacArthur, Jr. Pastor-Teacher, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, CA

“This book is part of our core curriculum at Parkside.” – Alistair Begg Senior Pastor, Parkside Church, Chagrin Falls, OH

“There are few books I distribute in greater numbers or with greater confidence than Biblical Eldership. If every pastor and every elder read this book and applied the Scripture it illumines, the church would be blessed immeasurably.” – Tim Challies Prominent evangelical blogger; Pastor, Grace Fellowship Church, Toronto

“For churches to thrive they need to be led by men who follow the Scriptures. Alexander Strauch wonderfully instructs us on the character qualifications needed to serve as elders and the responsibilities incumbent on elders. This book is a valuable resource for courses on pastoral ministry and is highly recommended for every church.” – Thomas R. Schreiner Associate Dean, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“At last, a thorough biblical study on the basis of church government and especially the function and ministry of elders! New churches will find it a valuable guideline to effective functioning and older churches will find it a trustworthy corrective.” – Ray Stedman Former pastor and elder, Peninsula Bible Church, Palo Alto, CA

“An excellent text for the study of eldership by young and older men interested in the work of an elder. Strauch is a man of gift and experience, and I am grateful for his work.” – S. Lewis Johnson Professor Emeritus of New Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary

“A very useful resource for teaching the New Testament truth regarding elders in the local church. Sound, clear, and extremely important. Recommended.” – Reformation & Revival Journal

“Our eldership has gone through Biblical Eldership and the guide book twice. It has been the finest investment of our time in the twelve years that I’ve been at the church. It has helped us see what we’re all about and has gotten us to function the way God designed us to. Biblical Eldership is a fine work and a thorough Biblical exposition on eldership.” – Bryce Jessup President William Jessup University

“…a very helpful book both on the New Testament pattern and how approximation can be achieved within existing polities. …cogent, scholarly…Strauch makes good use of the best scholarly research” – Robert Duncan Culver Author, Systematic Theology: Biblical and Historical

“…a remarkable book concerning pastoral leadership and church government. Biblical Eldership by Alexander Strauch should be required reading for all church leaders; we simply know of no greater treatment of the subjects it covers. Because the book sticks so closely to the biblical text, the lessons are immediately practical for any church, no matter the size or the culture.” – Granted Ministries

“Strauch does an excellent job of defining, clarifying, and encouraging the New Testament model of leadership through the plurality of elders. I highly recommend this book for any pastor who is interested in the New Testament model of leadership…” – Luke Geraty Lead Pastor, Trinity Christian Fellowship, Stanley, WI

“I cannot say enough about Biblical Eldership by Alexander Strauch…. Helpful in so many ways, Strauch sets forth the definition of a leader, defends his position theologically and exegetically and also does a magnificent job of expositing texts that bolster his case…. Over the years, nothing has helped me better understand the role, mission, responsibilities, and qualifications of a biblical elder.” – Dr. David S. Steele Pastor of Theology, First Baptist Church, La Grande OR

“…[This] excellent book…is the definitive work on the subject….The book deserves wide distribution and I plan to do whatever I can to insure this.” – William MacDonald Author, Believer’s Bible Commentary

“Love or Die” by Alexander Strauch

“It is a strange gig, being a book reviewer. There are times when I spend weeks or months in anticipation of a new book only to find it a great disappointment. And then there are times when a book just shows up–a book I didn’t even know existed–and it takes my breath away. Such was the case with Love or Die by Alexander Strauch. …the book…is short in length, coming in at just 112 pages (which includes a study guide, indexes and a couple of appendices). But despite its length, it packs quite a punch. I can think of few books I’ve read recently that have had so immediate an impact on me and have given me so much to think about. I trust, that with God’s help, the implications of this book will be with me always.” – Tim Challies challies.com, discerningreader.com. Named in Tim Challies’ “Top 8 Books of 2008”! Read Tim Challies’ full review of this book!

“Jesus commanded us to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Yet few Christians take those commands seriously. Alexander Strauch does, and in Love or Die: Christ’s Wake-up Call to the Church, he helps us understand how to apply Jesus’ commands both as individuals, and corporately in our churches. All believers will benefit from a serious study of this book.” – Jerry Bridges, Author of Pursuit of Holiness

“Strauch has a unique ability to always connect with his audience. He does so once again in Love or Die….Strauch is always practical, readable, and concise in whatever he writes. You’ll find this book stimulating your love for our great Savior as well as for His sheep. Enjoy the adventure!” – Richard D. Powell, Pastor, Grace Bible Church, Fair Oaks, CA

“This small volume is another valuable contribution to the healthy function of ministry in the local church… In Love or Die, Strauch not only calls on Christians to reexamine the true condition of our love for God but also provides helpful steps that will revive, nurture, and motivate both ourselves and others to love ‘in deed and in truth.’” – Irvin A. Busenitz, Professor of Bible and Old Testament, The Master’s Seminary

“Love or Die is a very serious and challenging work that needs to be read by anyone who loves the church.” – John Kim, Pastor, Lighthouse Bible Church, San Diego, CA

“Love or Die by Alexander Strauch is a small but excellent book. Practical and yet deeply profound, Strauch gets us right back to the very essence of what we are to be as a church.” – Dan Odom, Pastor of Education, First Baptist Church, Hampton Falls, NH

“I found this book to be incredibly helpful…. One who truly loves is not afraid to say something difficult. Alexander Strauch truly loves Jesus and truly loves the church. Read this book; use the study guide. Study the Word and be transformed.” – Aaron Armstrong, Blogging Theologically

“Some books ignite a passion for what the late F. F. Bruce called ‘a mind for what matters.’ That was my experience with Strauch’s newest publication in which the author dishes up a rich Scriptural challenge.” – Dr. David Deuel, Academic Director, The Master’s Academy International

“…an excellent book. Strauch’s writing is clear and pastoral; he knows how to both explain Scripture clearly and probe his reader’s hearts! This book was a pleasure to read, and since it weighs in at 69 pages (before the study guide), even a busy pastor doesn’t have an excuse to avoid this book and its call for an essential Christian virtue: love. – Lindsey Kennedy, Teaching Staff, Calvary Chapel Bible College York Mydigitalseminary.com

Endorsements of BER

“Biblical Eldership Resources has provided an excellent tool to be used in training biblically solid leaders. Theologically rich, pastorally focused and biblically-based ‘Spiritual Maturity based on Qualifications for Biblical Elders’ carefully evaluates and summarizes the Spirit-provided eldership standards from the pages of Scripture. This tool is a useful review for current men and a great resource in providing training for those-in-process.” – Keith M. Edwards, Internship Director, Heritage College & Seminary, Ontario, Canada