Restoring BE Series

Presenter: Alexander Strauch

Welcome to this nine-part series entitled “Restoring Biblical Eldership.” With clarity and direct scriptural instruction, Alexander Strauch explains the biblical teaching regarding local church leadership by a plurality of elders.

Pastoral leadership by a plurality of qualified, Spirit-appointed elders has been lost to many churches, or redefined in a way not consistent with the New Testament Scriptures. Strauch makes an urgent call to restore the apostles’ original teaching of pastoral oversight by a plurality of elders.

In this series, Strauch describes the full biblical requirements for Christian elders and their God-given tasks to teach, protect, and lead God’s precious flock. These messages emphasize the importance of understanding the biblical writers’ original terminology, especially the profound significance of the apostles’ use of the shepherd-sheep imagery. In addition, these messages stress the biblical examples and teaching on the plurality of leadership for local churches.

These nine messages are the foundation to the rest of the website. Defining biblical eldership is a major purpose of this website. So join with Alexander Strauch as he presents in broad outline this important subject from the Word of God.

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Detailed Outline

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