5. Qualifications for Elders (1)

Series: Restoring Biblical Eldership
Presenter: Alexander Strauch

Qualifications are given in Scripture for elders. An elder must have Spirit-given desire and must also meet other objective biblical qualifications. Part 5 of 9.

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Remember It

Contemplate these questions, then click on each question to see the answer.
1. What is the first qualification for becoming an elder?
Spirit-given desire
2. What is the purpose of the qualifications placed upon elders?
To protect the church from undesirable, unfit men entering into the office of elder and to allow the church to remove men who become unfit for the office.
3. Why does the speaker say self-control is so essential to a leader?
An uncontrolled and undisciplined person is victim to every feeling that comes along. An elder must be able to follow through and deal with difficult situations.

Discuss It

  1. Read Titus 1:6. Discuss what the speaker said regarding this verse and what types of problems with children should or should not exclude a man from eldership.
  2. An elder must be pure in his sexual life. What are ways that you and your fellow elders keep each other accountable in this area?

Apply It

  1. Meet with at least two elders and ask them which of the qualifications they are doing well in and which are more of a struggle for them? In other words, none of us measures up perfectly in all areas. Ask them to identify their areas of strength and weakness.
  2. What steps are you taking to help you resist sexual temptation? To safeguard your internet use? Ask your (fellow) elders what they are doing in this area?
  3. Study the qualification of "husband of one wife," using a couple of good commentaries. List out the different views and evaluate them. Which view do you hold to and why?