1. Recovering a Lost Doctrine

Series: Restoring Biblical Eldership
Presenter: Alexander Strauch

The doctrine of Biblical Eldership has been lost by many churches. We must recover this doctrine by returning to biblical principles. Part 1 of 9.

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Remember It

Contemplate these questions, then click on each question to see the answer.
1. Many churches do have elders that are not biblical elders. What does the speaker call these typical elders?
“Board elders”
2. What does the speaker emphasize is Biblical Eldership?
Pastoral eldership with qualified, functioning elders.
3. What is the only solution to the loss of the doctrine of Biblical Eldership?
Returning to the New Testament teaching on eldership – restoration, recovery, and reformation.

Discuss It

  1. Which of the quotes about the reformation of doctrine resonates most with you? Why?
  2. What doctrines can you think of, aside from those mentioned by the speaker, that were once lost and later recovered in church history?

Apply It

  1. Outline the book of Acts 20:17-35, and list out the main things that Paul wanted to leave with the Ephesian elders. What do you learn about how spiritual leadership should lead?
  2. Memorize Acts 20:17-35. Every elder or spiritual leader should know this passage by heart.