School of the Shepherds

Welcome to the School of the Shepherds (SOTS), an online curriculum designed to supplement local church elder and leader development. Preparation for shepherding God’s people is much more than cognitive study,  but there needs to be a biblical understanding of what is involved. This curriculum provides that element, not only for preparing future elders, but also leaders in various other roles in the local church; the principles apply broadly. Also, existing leaders can use this curriculum to fill in the gaps that are lacking in their own preparation.

New to SOTS?

Read Tips for Using SOTS, which will save you some headaches later!

Individual Enrollment

You will need to be a registered user of the site and logged in. Then you will need to “enroll” in your first course to begin. To do this, click on the Course Listing button below and click on the course you desire. On the course page, click on the “Purchase This Course” button. That will take to the purchase page. Remember to use the discount code above.

We encourage you to take the courses in order, but you don’t have to stick to that. Also, it is best to have a mentor who can interact with you using the discussion questions. To do this, both the individual and mentor would enroll and work through the material together.

Group Enrollment

The most effective way to study SOTS is with a group (also called a cohort). This will require a group leader or facilitator who registers the group and then “invites” participants to join the group and take up virtual seats. For more information, visit the Group Leaders Info page.

Student Profile

At any time, you can check your user profile by clicking the green “Student Profile” button below.
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